How Innovative Technologies, New Business Practices, and Growing Customer Demand Are Driving Energy Efficiency in NYC

Adapting New York City's legacy building stock to 21st-century requirements is the task before us. It is made increasingly urgent as climate change accelerates, energy debates heat up, and a sluggish economy makes energy savings matter more. Not surprisingly, energy-related subjects now figure in many real estate-related conversations.

But conversation is one thing; action is another. How is the market actually responding to new realities? To gauge market response, the Sallan Foundation, working with Micah Kotch, Director at NYC ACRE, the New York City Accelerator for a Clean and Renewable Economy, organized the Market Makers series, at which experts on energy-efficiency technologies, electric utilities, financial innovation, and real estate trends reported on their own work and shared broader insights. The series consisted of two events:

  • Event 1: Developing & Deploying Energy Efficiency Technology in NYC, hosted by the New York Academy of Sciences as part of Climate Week NYºC 2011
  • Event 2: The New Energy-Efficient Building Toolkit, hosted by the New York Institute of Technology

The results were among the most valuable events we've ever sponsored. The sense of momentum that panelists conveyed was palpable. Their acknowledgement of obstacles was sobering. The level of audience engagement, during our lively Q&A sessions and in the informal discussions that continued long after the panels concluded, was exhilarating.

This report on our Market Makers series is for everyone with an interest in sustainable cities. We hope you'll enjoy it, learn from it, explore its implications with your colleagues, and share it widely!

Nancy Anderson

Nancy E. Anderson, PhD
Executive Director
The Sallan Foundation

Micah Kotch

Micah Kotch
Director of Operations
The New York City Accelerator for a Clean and Renewable Economy (NYC ACRE)